Jim Flanagan has won many awards for storytelling and his books,   He is an "Artist in the Schools" through the Columbus Greater Arts Council. He teaches writing at the James Thurber Writing Academy in Columbus, Ohio,  He is the residence storyteller at the Nationwide Children's Hospital in Columbus.  

Jim has told stories in schools, libraries and wherever throughout Ohio, in Washington DC libraries , Mt Vernon, WA. , Virginia, and Ireland.


Mark Twain Elementary ( 2018)
The kids really love Jim and Frank.  They told character education stories, gave great hints about writing.  The students love it when they visit the lunchroom and talk with the kids.  They are highly recommended.
Genoa Middle School  (2018)
 Jim has come to the school to give writing workshops for 4 years. It is as highlight. He combines teaching with fun.  The student  look forward to his visit every year.  Great classroom programs.
St Mary's Elementary (2018)
Jim and his co-author Frank were a real hit. They were interesting ,funny and the kids learned without knowing it.
Karrer Middle School  (2018)
The kids were really engaged. They saw super storytellers and learned quite a bit. They were called the "funny Grandpas"
At a school in Ohio, a 7th grade girl was heard to say," I thought we were going to get a leacture. But he told stories they really got to us."

Washington DC Libraries (2007, 2009)
Bring Jim back every year,

Irish National Schools  ( 2005, 2017)
Brillant, Funny and real kid pleaser.


You can reach Jim at his email: jirish@ohiohills.com or call 740-412-1496


Jim has authored and published five children's books.  Four of the books are shown here

 "Stories heard around the lunchroom"  won The National Parenting Publications Award in 2004.

"Bearable Moments"  won the 2007 Writer's Digest Book Award
"Honorable Mention:
"The School of Scary Stories is in its fifth edition and is a self-publishing bestseller.
"Favorite Stories" written by JIm Flanagan and Frank McGarvey
is the newest book.  It is selling very well.  They took their audiences favorite stories and put 25 of them in the book.
While students in grades 4-8 maybe not finish a book, These collections of short stories catch their interest.

 In "The School of Scary Stories" , one story is left unanswered,   HERE IS THE ANSWER!  The father realized the foot prints of the old woman had vanished.  Only footprints  of ghosts disappear within a few minutes.  BOO!

 Prices:  Assemblies with book sales $100 each.
                   Assemblies within a day   (1) $150  (2) $220  (3) $300
                  Writing workshops  $50 per class